Cycling and Transport Modelling: slides and audio recordings

Here you’ll find slides and audio recordings of presentations from Modelling on the Move 6: cycling and transport modelling. Click on the links below to download slides and audio where available.

Modelling on the Move 6: Cycling & Transport Modelling

Location: Westminster University, Marylebone Campus, Weds 22nd January

First session: Challenges. Chair: Phil Jones, Phil Jones Associates.
Some limits of current modelling approaches: lessons for modellers and clients (Tim Gent, WSP Group). Slides, audio.
Why do we find it so hard to model cycling? (Helen Bowkett, Head of Transport Evidence, Welsh Government) – slides, audio
A review of the methodologies for modelling cycling within junction appraisal (John Parkin, Professor of Transport Engineering, UWE) – slides, audio

Second session: Developments. Chair: Dianna Smith, QMUL.
Impacts of Re-allocating Space Away from Motor Traffic: lessons from The Hague (Herbert Tiemens, Dutch Cycling Embassy) – slides, audio
Modelling Cycling in London (Yaron Hollander and Aliasgar Inayathusein, Transport for London). Slides.
Modelling the Unbundling of Cycle Routes in The Netherlands (Paul Schepers, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Centre for Transport and Navigation, The Netherlands) – slides, audio

Third session: Issues. Chair: Philip Loy, Project Centre/London South Bank University.
Carbon and Energy Use (Robin Lovelace, University of Leeds). Slides, audio.
From Cross-Sectional to Dynamic Relationships (James Woodcock, University of Cambridge). Slides, audio.
Physical Activity and Health (Diana Divajeva, UK Health Forum). Slides, audio.
Deliberation and Participation (Geoff Vigar, Newcastle University). Slides, audio.

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