Launch Event 7th December

MoM launch eventOur launch event took place on 7th December, with around 50 people attending. It covered both the changing approaches used within transport modelling and the broader context of transport, including challenges and co-benefits. You can view the talks here as slides linked to audio recordings – click on the link to listen to each presentation. Thanks again to presenters, chairs, co-organisers, college staff and everyone else who helped and participated.

David Banister: Low Carbon Transport Futures
Saamah Abdallah: Planning for Well-Being
Karen Lucas: Social Justice and Transport
James Woodcock: Health and Transport
Peter Jones: Travel Behaviour – Conceptual Framing and Modelling Approaches
Michael Batty: New Transport Modelling

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  1. Rachel says:

    Write-up of the launch event from Robin Lovelace for the RGS-IBG Transport Geography Research Group.

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