Public Health Perspectives: 15th Feb, LSHTM

Our second seminar brought together public health experts with transport modellers and researchers, challenging both to think about the challenges posed, and benefits to be gained, by combining transport modelling with public health perspectives and vice versa. It was a highly interactive, workshop-based event, with small groups discussing issues in detail and respondents summarising discussions and drawing out the key points. Audio available below.

Session 1 – Audio (intro)
10am – introductions, welcome (Professor Paul Wilkinson, LSHTM)
10:30am – lead off – Bringing insights from transport modelling into health impact assessment (Dr. Salim Vohra, Institute of Occupational Medicine)
10:45am – split into five small discussion groups
11:30am – discussion groups report back
12:00pm – summary (Dr. James Woodcock, CEDAR)
Audio (reports back and summary)

Session 2 – Audio (intro)
1pm – lead off – Equity, modelling and health (Professor Ian Roberts, LSHTM)
1:15pm – split into discussion groups
2pm – discussion groups report back
2:30 – summary (Dr. Alan Latham, UCL)
Audio (reports back, summary)

Session 3 – Audio (intro)
3:15pm – lead off – Bringing insights from public health into transport modelling (Helen Bowkett, UWE)
3:30pm – split into discussion groups
4:15pm – discussion groups report back
4:45pm – summary (Dr. Kiron Chatterjee, UWE)
5pm – final concluding thoughts from the day (Professor Steven Cummins, LSHTM)
Audio (reports back, summaries)

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