Seminar 3 – Qualitative Data and Transport Modelling: Friday 12th April

One of the five workshop groups

Modelling on the Move 3: towards transport system transitions?
New modelling methods: what can qualitative data offer?

Slides and audio now available

This seminar focused on how we might use qualitative data within transport modelling; it began with talks from contributors from fields where the use of qualitative data in modelling is more established, as well as introducing issues relating to the analysis of secondary data more broadly. In the afternoon a hands-on session allowed participants to explore how samples of different types of transport-related qualitative data could be analysed for modelling purposes.


Friday 12th April, Small Seminar Room, Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge, 9:30am-4pm
From 9am Tea and coffee, registration
9:30am Welcome, aims of the day
9:40-10:15am Re-using qualitative data: methodological issues, Niamh Moore (CRESC, University of Manchester). See Niamh’s slides here and listen to her talk here. (NB – the audio file is a large MP3, around 36MB – so are other audio files).
10:15-10:50am Systems modelling and qualitative data. Mike Yearworth (University of Bristol). See Mike’s slides here and listen to his talk here.
11:05-11:40 Agent-based modelling and qualitative data. Edmund Chattoe-Brown (University of Leicester). See Edmund’s slides here and listen to his talk here.
11:40-12:15 Constructing a model based on interview data. Paul Rosen (Independent Researcher). See Paul’s slides here and listen to his talk here.
12:15-1:00 lunch.
1:00-1:45pm Data providers lead-off: Five participants who have brought sample data (Rachel Aldred, Kiron Chatterjee, Tim Jones, Jo Kesten, Colin Pooley) all give very brief introductions to the data they have brought and the projects from which these come. Listen to the data providers’ lead-off and the introduction to the exercises here.
1:45-2pm Introduction to the workshop exercises; involving thinking how to use different types of data within a specific type of model. See the workshop exercises here.
2pm-3:15pm Workshop exercises.
3:15-4pm Feedback from workshops, sharing, learning points, conclusion. Listen to feedback here and here.

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