Seminar 5 – Participatory Modelling

Birmingham University, 20th November, 10am-4pm

Frances Hodgson speaking

Increasingly academics and people working in a variety of policy areas are making use of participatory modelling methods. Definitions vary, but participatory modelling could mean more stakeholder engagement, or the involvement of members of the public, such as communities affected by particular policies. This workshop seeks to explore what participatory approaches to modelling could contribute to transport research and policy; and what transport modellers might gain and lose from using participatory approaches. It will include talks focused around why (and whether) there is a need for participatory approaches, and what participatory modelling is understood to mean. Case studies will explore examples, with speakers reflecting on the positives and negatives of their attempts to use participatory approaches to modelling. Discussions will focus on whether, and how, these approaches can be used in different contexts. How might we model differently if members of the public or different groups of stakeholders had more of a say in the design of transport models? What difference (if any!) might this make to transport policy making? Where should we concentrate our attention?

Download presentations
Lai Fong Chiu, UCL – Critical reflection on participatory modelling for policy
Robin Hickman, UCL – VIBAT simulation gaming: use in participatory strategy development
Frances Hodgson, ITS Leeds – New forms of user involvement in transport planning and the limitations of expert-driven approaches
Catherine Holloway, UCL – Accessibility for wheelchair users and the capability model, implications for planning and modelling
Alex Macmillan, UCL – Participatory system dynamics modelling to support integrated transport decisions: critical reflections and lessons
Fiona Raje, Birmingham – Visions to STEP-CHANGE: embedding participation in transport research

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