This report highlights some key issues and ideas discussed in the Modelling on the Move seminars.
More material – audio and slides – is available for all six seminars on the series website, and links to this are provided. This short report can only indicate some of the discussions and debates.
NB material in italics represents questions raised by participants or that occurred to me while writing up, not what speakers said.
Rachel Aldred, 3rd June 2014

Seminar 1 – Launch event
Seminar 2 – Public Health and transport modelling
Seminar 3- Qualitative data and transport modelling
Seminar 4 – Social theory, transport and energy modelling
Seminar 5 – Participatory modelling
Seminar 6 – Cycling and transport modelling

2 Responses to Write-up

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Using plumbing as an analogy, all aspects of where the pipes should go, why they need to go there, and what their volumes and flow rates should or could be look like they’re covered by this series, but not the physics of the interactions between the pipes themselves and the characteristics of the different fluids flowing through them.

    I’m thinking specifically of vehicle swept path analysis within 3D models of transport infrastructure and what’s worth analysing and what isn’t. Does that fit within the scope of Modelling on the Move?


    • Rachel says:

      Hi Kevin, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but it’s a bit late given the series is finished … but maybe something for a small grant application to one of the professional societies in conjunction with someone who knows about that side of things? Let’s discuss some point.

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